The Gift Libraries was established in 2022 with the mission to help you find the right gift idea for your loved ones.  

Any gift has a separate mission and meaning. We believe that a small gift can represent a great love, a well-wish or a delicate message. Finding a gift filled with appreciation is not as simple as picking a random one at the bookstore. It is a process of learning about the recipient’s preferences and the hidden meanings sent by the giver.  

Therefore, Gift Libraries was born to help you choose the idea that best suits your beloved and from that, bringing people together. 


“With hundreds of ideas, we want to remove the distance between people and bring love to the world” 

Gift Library ensures that the recommendations we bring will meet 3 values: 

DIVERSITY: We aim to bring you a full range of ideas that are appropriate for all genders, ages, occupations, religions and cultures. 

FASHION: All suggestions will be updated according to the latest trends of the year. 

THOUGHTFULNESS: Not only tangible things, our picks also carry deep meanings and dearest messages to help draw you closer to your darlings. 

With all those things, we hope you will have the best experience here! 

Gift Libraries team.